Sunday, August 25, 2002

Weekend Getaways: Santa Barbara

Yesterday, my whole family went up to Santa Barbara for the day. It was pretty funny because none of us knew where we were going so we just drove. Finally, there was a freeway since that said there was a visitors' information center, so we decided to go there for some direction. We discovered that the visitors' center was pretty much in the heart of the tourist area, right by the pier and the water front. We decided to walk to the pier and there was a dolphin statue there. We took some pictures in front of that. It was around lunch time then, so we ate at a nearby resturant called Fishouse. I ate crab and oysters. YUM! After lunch, we left our car and went by electric shuttle to the downtown area. Some people are so stupid. They can't figure out how to put money into a machine! Idiots shouldn't be able to go on vacation! Downtown is basically a shopping district with all sorts of galleries and shops lining State Street. We went to the As Seen on TV store and to some other random places. I bought some pepper spray. Then we had dessert at the Andersen's Bakery. It was totally overpriced and not that good but whatever. I wouldn't go there again, but the interior of the bakery was really pretty. After that we walked around a little more and then went back on the shuttle to go to the car.

We left Santa Barbara to go to the Camarillo outlets. I really liked the shopping there. The stores are really good and it's really big. We didn't have enough time to shop even though we spent more than 2 hours there. I only bought a dress, a cd holder, some Harry and David cheese, and a birthday card for Chris. After shopping, we went to Alhambra to eat dinner at OK Cafe. The day was really long but fun! It was better than I expected.

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