Saturday, August 10, 2002

Music of the Night: Dashboard Confessional/Weezer

Current music: Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

Yay! The concert last night was really good. I think it was the best Weezer show I've been to because both of the opening bands were good and Weezer was really fun too. I had never heard any of Sparta's stuff before but I was really impressed. I'm thinking of getting their album which comes out on Tuesday, so we'll see. Dashboard Confessional was so good!! This was my second time seeing him, and it was even better than at HFStival. I don't think all that many people were their to see him though. Their was a group of twelve year old girls behind us making fun of him the whole time. It was really annoying but I didn't let them ruin the set for me! Off the top of my head, I remember him playing Again I Go Unnoticed, Saints and Sailors, So Impossible, Hands Down, The Swiss Army Romance, Screaming Infidelities, Remember to Breath, The Good Fight, and a couple of new songs. The funniest thing was before playing 'Screaming Infidelities' Chris said, "This song is on the radio. Sorry about that." HAHAHA!!! Chris always looks like he's having so much fun and really enjoys being on stage. That's really refreshing when there are so many jaded musicians. Hopefully, he'll be back playing his own shows soon!

Weezer played all of their usual songs: Buddy Holly, Undone, Hash Pipe, Photograph, El Sorcho, Tired of Sex, Knock Down Drag Out, Dope Nose, Island in the Sun, Why Bother, Keep Fishin', Say It Ain't So, My Name is Jonas, and ended with Only in Dreams and Surf Wax. The thing that made this show different from all the other times I've seen them was the way Rivers was acting. He was being really talkative. He talked after almost every song and saying the most random stuff. It was weird because he usually nevers talks at all. Maybe he's becoming more outgoing or maybe he was really high, but anyway, it was really fun!

I also realized why I hate Verzion Amphitheatre. It takes an hour to get out of the parking lot after the show!

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