Thursday, August 08, 2002

SeeDo: Andy Warhol Retrospective

The next morning we drove to downtown LA to go to the MOCA and catch the Andy Warhol Retrospective, which I have been dying to see all summer. It was actually showing at the Tate Modern when we were in London but we didn't have enough time to go. So this was definitely an outing we were both looking forward to. We parked a few blocks away from the museum because I wasn't quite sure where it was. It was okay though because it was a cheaper parking lot. As we were walking, we passed by this thing called Angel's Flight. I think it's an old railway point or something but it's supposed to be historic. Downtown LA is actually looking a lot nicer now than before. Anyway, we got to the MOCA right on time because a crowd was beginning to form. The exhibit was pretty big, and there was a lot of stuff that I never saw before. The beginning pieces were a lot of gold foil and ballpoint sketches that I did not even know he did, so it was quite interesting. I thought the Most Wanted series was the most interesting plus all the famous celebrity silkscreens were there too. Stef and I also went to watch some of his silent screentests. We watched Lou Reed eat a Hershey's bar for 10 minutes. That was pretty cool too.

After the exhibit, we wanted to see the MOCA's permanent collection but it turns out the whole space was taken up by the Warhol exhibit. So we decided to go back to her apartment and order Chinese take-out. On our way back to the parking lot, we passed by a Mexican food stand called "Ye Olde Taco House #1", which I thought was a pretty hilarious name. Then we passed by Grand Central Market and went inside to take a look around. I suggested that maybe we could eat there, but there wound up not being that many food stalls. So we decided to go back to Ye Olde Taco House to eat. Not the best Mexican food you can have, but it was cheap. After that, I dropped Stef off at her apartment and headed back to Torrance. The Warhol exhibit is definitely worth checking out and it's ending in a couple of weeks.

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