Thursday, March 05, 2009

SeeDo: Santa Anita Race Track (Los Angeles)

My friend Kelly had her birthday party at Santa Anita Race Track this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous day of betting, drinking beer, eating hot dogs, and yelling at horseys! I won twice, granted it was only $0.80 and $0.60, but still! My friend actually wound up winning over $300 because she picked a "trifecta" (order of first, second, and third).

And they're off!

Faster, you!

I told my boyfriend to wear his "Kennedy" blazer, a button-down shirt, linen pants, and loafers with no socks. He didn't, but look what we found! We actually found a whole group of these guys!

A Kennedy

Santa Anita Park

285 W Huntington Drive
Arcadia CA 91007


michelle woo said...

You do the coolest stuff! Sounds so fun.

mich said...

that outfit is actually the hipster spring outfit of choice

Anonymous said...

You probably saw my grandpa there without even knowing it.