Saturday, October 03, 2009

Domo Loves Slurpee!

Wow, is 7-Eleven smart! First, The Simpsons and now, Domo! 7-Eleven is running a Domo promotion this fall, featuring everyone's favorite brown Japanese, lock-jawed monster on everything imaginable. Domo has taken over the Slurpee machine, coffee cups, and hot dog containers, and three collectible Slurpee cups and four straws are available for purchase. 7-Eleven has created a mini-site and will be rolling out three webisodes with Domo over the next weeks. Part 1 is available now.

Smart is 7-Eleven. Too bad the same cannot be said for the franchisees, who don't seem to know how the internet works and don't know what free PR is, especially the people who work at 10356 Venice Blvd at Motor Ave. These were the only photos I managed to take. I wanted to buy the Domo straw with the candy, but assumed my money along with my photography wasn't welcome there. I'm sure other, more intelligent franchisees would appreciate my patronage! That pumpkin lattee sounds amazing!






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For more information on Domo and to watch new webisodes of Domo, visit

Also, please do not patronize 10356 Venice Blvd at Motor Ave.

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Rebecca said...

I hate it when people don't let you take pictures, such as Dylan's Candy Bar in Houston! Don't patronize there either!! Like you said, it's free publicity!