Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Weekend Getaways: Surprise, surprise!!

For the long weekend, we decided to go on a weekend trip. A surprise for my early birthday! During the week leading up to the trip, I tried to figure out where we might be going. Some ideas included the Channel Islands, Catalina, and Red Rock Canyon/Vegas.

Matt sent me an evite with the following packing list:
1) Your swimsuit
2) A sexy going out outfit
3) Sunblock
4) Sunglasses
5) Camera & plenty of batteries ;)
6) 2 sets of Hiking Clothes - shorts and t-shirts preferred
7) You should wear something comfy on Thursday and bring something else comfy for another day.
8) Your "A" Game!

There was a condition with the hiking clothes that one set had to be non-cotton. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing.

Thursday afternoon - Matt came to pick me up and left the following clues:
Clue #1: He put food in the fridge so that meant he would be making me dinner or breakfast when we got back!
Clue #2: The car was packed. Firewood and large cooler in the backseat = camping. He wouldn't let me scope out the trunk though.
Clue #3: Heading east on the 10 freeway. Channel Islands and Catalina are out! Vegas/Red Rock Canyon still in.

And east we drove...Finally, we made a pit stop in Barstow for dinner at Arby's! Vegas was still on the horizon, but then we kept driving. Past Vegas and into Arizona. I thought we must be going to the Grand Canyon, but then we kept going into Utah. We stopped for the night in St. George, Utah at a hotel. By then it was midnight because of the time change. Hiking was on the agenda for tomorrow (the non-cotton kind of hiking?) I was still clueless...

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