Friday, February 15, 2008

NomNoms: Table 8 (Los Angeles)

I've been sick since last Friday. I hate it!

The second restaurant I visited for Dine LA’s Restaurant Week was Table 8. My experience at Simon LA was much nicer because it seemed on this night, they decided to jam as many tables as they could fit into the dining room. Table 800 is probably a more appropriate name than Table 8 in this situation. There were only a few inches between us and the neighboring tables and people had to move the entire table away in order to get into the booth. It was also awkward being able to hear every word the people next to you were saying. We made it through dinner at any rate. The appetizer and dessert were both delicious, but the entrée was just good. Sorry the picture of the panna cotta looks like an egg.

Warm boucheron salad

Duck confit

Vanilla panna cotta with honeyed blueberries

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